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Since 2008, 4Hilton has provided the highest quality of committed, creative, caring service to our clients. We represent a broad spectrum of projects, from Jazzercize to cupcakes to real estate, and we have worked with clients as diversely located as New York, Chicago, California, Israel, England, and South Africa. This global portfolio covers numerous industries, giving our team unique insight into problem solving and grand strategy.

As a small, personal company, we offer training and assistance at any level. Our mission is to provide you with quick, functional, and affordable web solutions. We understand the urgency of delivering digital solutions in this day and age; as a leading agency in our local market, we have been working with Kentico since 2006 and offer more than just a website or solution. We commit to our relationships with clients, utilizing a variety of disciplines from Kentico CMS and EMS to UI (user interface) and UX (user experience), adding a personal touch that you won’t find anywhere else.

4Hilton’s seamless, full-time staff and specialists work together to make your experience as efficient and satisfactory as possible. Our flexible business structure ensures that you’ll be getting the best service for the lowest cost, all in a bespoke fashion that exceeds client expectations.

Meet the 4Hilton team

Hilton Sher

Founder & CEO

Passionate and self-motivated, Hilton leads his hardworking team with over six years of experience in running his own successful software ventures. His two thriving companies, 4Hilton and PIMS Medical, have equipped him with extensive skills in resource management, strategic planning, and project planning--all of which enable him to ensure the smooth, efficient execution of your project. His software versatility encompasses a broad range of Kentico CMS, mobile site and application development, MS SQL database development, HTML/CSS coding, marketing, and design. Whether you’ve just started your own small business, or you’re trying to share a new idea in the digital arena, Hilton knows how to increase your site’s traffic, revenue, and customer base.

Prior to founding his own companies, Hilton worked as a web developer at IDT Maximum Global for four years, where he excelled in web design and development. He obtained a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Business Computing from the University of Leeds in the UK.

Adam Gitin

Project Manager, Kentico Expert Extraordinaire

Adam has been aboard team 4Hilton for over six years. A Kentico Certified Developer, he’s proficient in multiple CMS platforms in addition to Kentico and knows how to construct any site from scratch, building in customized functionality. Adam’s development expertise enables him to tailor each website to each client, and he delivers the specific vision that you have requested, maximizing the benefit to you and your customers. His breadth of coding knowledge extends to HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, ASP.NET, C#, and MS SQL.

Adam studied History and General Studies at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev before focusing on Interactive Communication at Hadassah College Jerusalem.

Yonatan Glassner

User Interface and User Experience Ninja

Yonatan has worked with 4Hilton since January 2012, developing and delivering high quality websites with tremendous efficiency and class. His expertise in Kentico CMS as a Certified Kentico Developer, joomla CMS, HTML/CSS, and ASP.NET enable him to create cutomized sites that cater to the particular needs of each client’s business or product. Moreover, his particular penchant for creativity and ingenuity ensure that each website results in a unique experience for users, differentiating the site from others and making it all that much more memorable to visitors and customers.

Prior to joining 4Hilton, Yonatan studied at Hadassah College Jerusalem, then immediately started to work as a freelance web developer in Joomla and Flash development.

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